Part 1 will

... review some ideas of Astrology as a Fundamental Force,

... note the Planets as activators,

... refer to Astrology as science and Metascience of Inner Planes,

... put your vibrations at the doorstep of your lifestyle and choices,

... begin to enumerate Quantum characteristics of Astropath Astrology, starting with the Basis of Existence.

Part 2 will

... quote the Announcement re ETs on planet Earth by Canadian Minister of Defense in May, 2013

... consider what this means,

... give perspective on Paradigm Shifts,            

... suggest the increasing Astral Plane awarenesses for humanity that tie together Quantum Physics and Astropath Astrology.

      Part 3  considers What the esoteric and spiritual purpose of Astrology is in Astropath—an expediting force for growth and ascension to the higher levels of consciousness. Thus these are seen in Quantum principles, and the video draws the Astropath concerns and begins to compare Astrology and Quantum.