The Concepts and Graphics contains the the formative foundation of Astropath's approaches, starting with Astrology as a Fundamental Force in the "2.2" series, and moving through what makes Astropath a Quantum Astrology in the "2.3" series.

Ballhead figure standing with a large key and opening a lock.

    Basically introducing all these pages and their purposes, 2.1 serves also as a Preface to the whole series of Courses, Activities, and the whole AQAA Academy reason-to-be. 

     While it touches on the mechanics and navigation of AQAA, that part is shunted over to the 0-1 Category and should be checked out by the User in the Overview Catalog re Navigation.

The first part of Chapter 2 will

... introduce Dr. Khier Starchylde, Astrologer,  innovator of Astropath, and maker of this Course.

... view some ideas of Astrology as a Fundamental Force--the first Ace in his hand.  

... present a part of the Law of Attraction.

... speak of Astrology as an agent, making the energies happen and interact.

       This Session gives some descriptions of Astrology’s grand role as a Force in the solar system and our lives.  It tells some of the dimensions that make up Astrology. The lecture serves as an anthem for why to take up the serious study, whether as student or conscious participant in living.

Part 1 will

... review some ideas of Astrology as a Fundamental Force,

... note the Planets as activators,

... refer to Astrology as science and Metascience of Inner Planes,

... put your vibrations at the doorstep of your lifestyle and choices,

... begin to enumerate Quantum characteristics of Astropath Astrology, starting with the Basis of Existence.

Part 2 will

... quote the Announcement re ETs on planet Earth by Canadian Minister of Defense in May, 2013

... consider what this means,

... give perspective on Paradigm Shifts,            

... suggest the increasing Astral Plane awarenesses for humanity that tie together Quantum Physics and Astropath Astrology.

      Part 3  considers What the esoteric and spiritual purpose of Astrology is in Astropath—an expediting force for growth and ascension to the higher levels of consciousness. Thus these are seen in Quantum principles, and the video draws the Astropath concerns and begins to compare Astrology and Quantum.

         This 4th session continues what Astropath focuses on for you: like Superposition, Simultaneity, Oneness...Quantum principles found in Astropath’s approach to Astrology.

         These comparisons don’t only describe the powerful hub that Astrology plays in the universe, but also indicates the magnitude of these energies and processes in your life.  

        The Quantum terms aren’t required to understand yourself or Astropath, but they do give a marvelous understanding of both.