Three 3D ballhead figures receiving a large computer chip or motherboard through the cord or hose from the ocean part of the Earth through a hose as if pumping gas, to symbolize Community in study of AsteroidsAstrology and SmallPlanets Astrology.Logo Brand for AQAA rayed Sun atop Triangles enclosing Infinity Flame to symbolize Search for truth in asteroids astrology and small planets Astrology at this advanced Astrology School.

Welcome to  AQAA

22nd Century Academy for Pioneering, Nonlocal, Western Astrology

Expect in these eLearning Activites
to find STARTLINGLY new ways
to understand and change yourself
with a new Astrology.

Transformation and growth stamp each video, slide, game--
 and always the themes are  
 Spiritual: using the mind
 to go beyond the mind.  Para vidya.
       You learn.  You grow.  You develop your authenticity--conscious True Living of your Archetype(s).  

                          ALL FREE--No tuition, fees, or charges.
                                  Enjoy whatever you can learn. 

In Honor of Elborath who died from chemo 23 Mar 2015, 5am.
 Elborath sharing her AQAA Experience.
Ready for Ways to Transform.

       You then have Soulutions.  We are dedicated to Soul-manifestation.


Different Strokes for Different Folks

These Docs, PDFs, Sharing opps, Slideshows, Videos, Games
are for you and ABOUT YOU. . .

   Are you a Seeker after your truth?

   Do you want to unmask your ego to discover your Soul?

   Are you a person who wants to love humanity and individuals?

   Are you willing to try to understand What you see is you?

   Do you wish to know yourself as spirit, rather than ego?

   Do you desire to make your Journey real?

         Can you imagine knowing some deep Astrology will facilitate these?

 If you can say yes to ANY of these in yourself,

please come Join us in this Heroic COMMUNITY
for Right Understanding and True Living--
using the Cosmic Gift of Astrology

PLAY: Jamie becoming aware of her Archetype Ceres.
Ready for Change.

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